Lyrics : When I Wonder

I just realised the soft breath inside of her
The warm sounds vibrate in her
Lamenting as I prefer

I just realised the secrets inside of her
Words that I want to hear
Descending when you are near

When I wonder, I feel just the same as you
Saving money for a rainy day
When I feel I don't have much to say
Now I wonder why I miss her
When I close my eyes I feel no pain
I just want to hear your voice again

I just realised I can't keep up with her
A cold voice inside of her, what has become of her?

I can't talk about the nice things you do without
What could I want from she
My whole life in front of me

When I wonder, I am not the same as you
Saving money for a rainy day
I don't feel I have much to say
I feel hunger, I feel younger
Emanations imminent, your torment is evident