Lyrics : Oh!

Oh! What a day
What did you mean to say?
I need some time to soften this cliché
So dry your smile and you will hypnotise
Sighing lightly in my dreams

But we don't know how to say goodbye
Sighing lightly underneath blue skies
But in my dreams we are invincible
Flaunting summer daunting you

You're just a child with a charming smile
I kiss your mouth dissolute and wild
Too permanent and too perpetual
Love is clear, love is here

But when the moon comes out too soon
And when he shows his smile to me and you
I say a prayer for all who care
A flower got stuck in my throat

But when the world is in your face
Please understand we will not be disgraced
Softly feel the warmth of your embrace
You don't have a hair that's out of place