Lyrics : Angel

Snort, snort

Bathing in my own blood
A murder scene, all red and gold
By walk, street on both floors
All black, men, priests and whores
f**king on swap bae, grabbing on her face date
Growing on a mus- face
By nine the rain faded

Sobbing (crying sounds), the end feels near
Red carpet, dragged folded in bold
Rain closure, keys on map
Blood wind, ta-take a na-na-nap

Satan's invading other
Satan's invading other
Satan's invading other

b*t*h is out of oxygen
Molest a f**ker and then abroad them
Toxicity below average
Overdose symptoms, such as life
Flowing out of nowhere, covered in red w-w-wine
Crossed all lines, cured and blinded