Lyrics : 1985

My bro said "Don't say that"
I said "f*ck that, I'm gon' be gettin' wooping anyway
Don't make no goddamn difference"
f*ck that, I'm not one to find sh*t
What your mom say? "Take the garbage out, f*ck"
(Yeah) Yeah, don't lose the beat motherf*cker
Take the garbage out
Yeah-yeah, I just upped the flows to the God level
Finna up the flows to the God level, n*gga, what
Yeah, check-check
Yeah, mic check-check
Yeah, n*gga, check-check
Yeah, b*tch, check-check
Yeah, yeah

Quarter thang to a whole thang, whole gang workin' (Yeah)
Hit a b*tch with that extended clip or that revolver
sh*t'll serve the same purpose (Bang, bang)
Geekers beamin' up to Scotty in my crack lobby
I can smell the 'caine burnin'
Michael Jordan, 1985, b*tch, I'm trappin' with the cocaine circus
Put them F and Xs on your clowned ass
Catch a n*gga up and leave him down bad
I go get a pack and take a n*gga town
And f*ck his b*tches with my out of town ass
Bomb on n*ggas like Nagasaki
Rockin' next to my pocket, I like her body
Drop the check on the b*tch
Man, these n*ggas be lookin' like baby mommas in these Maseratis
b*tch, I f*ck up your face with a razor
How I make sure your motherf*ckin family can't view your body
n*gga thuggin' and sh*t, put my blood in his sh*t
Break my finger, Alfredo be Illuminati
Dope fresh, but your partner and these n*ggas is sweeter than Joe Exotic
On the run like Assad, and so above the police
It's some n*ggas be chillin' and hoppin' out the box
Police caught him with a whole thang
Now they snitchin' man, whole gang workin'
Gang land, made a lane in it
Dip my name in it, it's some gang murder
All my reps in the crack files, b*tch, I got them out the vault
I'm the reason your mama be smokin' that [?] off
beamin' up the scotty in my crack lobby
I can smell the caine burnin'
Gang land, if you put a hit on Freddie caine it'll be a gangbang
1985, Michael Jordan b*tch I trap it with a cocaine circus
Flow God level, like when most speak
I make a song, we forgot to [?], b*tch

Yeah, yeah
Flow God level, like when most speak
I make a song, we forgot to [?], b*tch
Yeah, yeah
Check, check
Mic check, check
Check, check, n*gga
n*ggas check, check
We got everybody in the house, you know