Lyrics : Fly Away

Boy I don't need nobody just me nd u
It's the truth [Laugh]...

Boy I don't need nobodi just me nd u
It's the truth
Cause u know that wen your not around it
Ruins my day u make it special
Let's Fly Away

Follow me 2 the stars (Stars)
Nd the moon where the skies turn blue
Let's Fly Away
I'm impressed by the things u do
2 young but I'm n love with u
U kno u take me on a natural high
Let's Fly Away

Float with me 2 E-ternity
Blessed indeed (Hey)
Let's Fly Away
Baby will... Will u come w| me
Just say u will (Will)
Let's Fly Away

Now that your here with me
U shud just stay with me
Nd picture how great it cud b
All of the joy u bring
It means so much 2 me
Baby come Fly with me

Lookin at u boy
I'm feeln ya swagga
Nd I ain a dude but I mite try bag ya
Teach u ya abc's lyk
Frankie Lymen's
I'm a Queen u cud b ma King ma royal highness
Fly away 2 da foreign islands
Lay low nd a resort lyk da
King a knowledge
Don't need nobodi Boy
Jus me nd u
Cause dey need a passport
Inorder 2 find us

Let's fly away 2 the stars(I don need nobodi 2 kno)
Let's fly away 2 the moon
OoOo Baby I'm with u
SoOo won't u come with me