Lyrics : Worst Case Scenes (Urban Legends Mixtape)

Worst Case Scenes
(Taylor Swift Wildest Dreams Edkara)

1st Voice: Main I’m Sexy
2nd Voice: Main backup Nysnc
3rd voice: Background Elvis
4th Voice Background Finale Elmo

Verse #1:
I said there is no place like home/
Return to Kansas, down yellow brick road/
Four score and seven years ago/
In Kansas nevermore/
But I am getting real close!/

He’s so strong, with love so divine/
Talk is cheap, but he walks it so fine/
And right from the get-go/
Of what’s coming/
My one prediction is/

Say you’ll be needing me/
Like a hole in the head/
Where demons have bunkbeds, babe/
Red cross & army greens/
Say you’ll want me again/
Even if its just in your/
Worst case scenes, ah, ha/
Worst case scenes, ah, ha/