Lyrics : Rape like that

Ate a 10 year old ass(yeah yeah)
call dat bih a fag ( rapey rape)
Rape her in the back of my caravan (ay yeah)
Shes only 10 but i dont care bout dat(no way)

c*m in her ass like glass
call that b*t*h young yeah thats class
stuck my d**k in her ass she yelled out OWWWW
i raped that bih like a turtle n***ggggggererer

Call her retarded when i slap slap slap
shes screaming out help like that
i cover her mouth she fight back(but why)
cuz i rape like that

Shes only ten but i dont care like that
start viciously shoving my c*ck in hеr mouth (suck my c*ck whore)
Shes yelling for hеlp but i wont let her go and i rape her pouch
c*m in her mouch and i tea bag crouch crouch