Lyrics : Obsessed

Oh, Look outside my window
Minding my own, but then I
See you and i’m like woah
Your body, your touch, the way that you front
I can't get enough and I mean it

Take me places tonight
I want your body on mine
It’s time to cross the line
Even if it’s only in my mind

I still wanna do It
Do it while i’m drunk
I might just text or call you
At this point I don’t give a f**k
I would say it’s love but I’m feeling depressed
Cos you’re not mine
Honestly I think i’m obsessed

You called me out
And I still came back
You know that I love you
But you don’t want me back
So why am I still here?
Is it your touch? the imaginary one?
Cause It’s the closest I’ll ever get