Lyrics : Life’s Not Fair

Yeah, yeah, no, no

Damn, I just got kicked outta my town
I got a zero on my college test
I can't be treated like this
What, downtown life is too much for me
Yeah, drinking with my friends, we spill our drinks, yeah

I'm not joking, boy, I'm over your gibberish
I'm not happy with you, I'm very, very mad at you, shut up

Life's not fair, boo-hoo, life's not fair, boo-hoo
If only it was better, I would be happier than I am right now
Hustle up, dude, I'm not happy
You're making life unequal
My ex messed up my house
I'm locking him out now

Yeah, why can't I live in this apartment anymore
My brain is feeling blue
Everybody's making me feel bad
That ain't good at all, I'm so angry, ugh