Lyrics : Hardwood Floor

November went by so fast
Doesn't make much sense
Wanting to be loved was all that I kept on dreaming of
Wide open to give you my love
Not something that I'd usually would do
Wish I could make you know
Wish I could be that strong enough to tell you

I'd take you to the moon and back
I'd take you out and about and never make
You bored
Turn the music on and turn the room dark
I'd let you hear the soft squeaky sound of
The hardwood floor as we slow dance
It'll all be so crazy if you were here

December will go soon too
Wish I could make sense
Walking down the streets, snows falling all around, and im just lost in my imagination
Slide the other way, I wanna hear you nice
Not something id like to do often
Wish I could tell you these
Wish I could make you know that (back to ch)


And it's this whole whirlwind
, spinning around and coming back to the same place..... I can't forget about you
Roller coaster takes me back to you
I'm so scared but here's me on my toes
For the best or for the worst
I just wanna tell you (back to ch)