Lyrics : COSmO & WANdA with Megan Thee Stallion

(Intro: Megan)
Yeah yeah, Megan and P-H-R-A

(Verse 1: Peheroal)
Gimme that spoiler, shut up my mouth
Kiss me all night love, let's f**k up all night
Take off my clothes, we are the baddest
pu**y are wet, prepare and waiting for the next
Love ya the brain, love ya to hardly
Lemme kiss your neck, sh*t, broken harts

(Chorus: Peheroal)
Like a pair of asteroids, we be building us up
Of course of not, I'm been the one to touch your gum out
Like Cosmo and Wanda, would you love me brand new, when I try to suck ur puss up?
I cannot wait to the hour, demon hour, pilot hour
Give me power, don't deny it, duck that duck that sick that d**k and then attack me

(Verse 2: Megan)
Fire in my lungs, don't you worry about the company
Sex in lounge, put the lingerie around
Take off my chest, f**k my ass, spit inside of me
Cosmo and wand pop, side to side you better run to me
f**k about the time, baddest ass, d**k pu**y
R.I.P to the space, R.I.P when you're around
Baby, you can lick and bounce, shake that ass and be a savage, yeah
I'm a heartbeat breaker, keep my legs up on your neck
Suck that wet, is currently wet, suck is too f**k when I get that uhm
Surprise you, b*t*h, I'm move my extra large, that you open inside of me
So I put it on the way that is pu**y around the bang
Gimme change, barely gang, see me in the mirror, and run this rain is strange