Lyrics : Right Now/The Madness*

Lyrics from Snippet 1

I don't want that girl if she ain't ready right now
You n***as ain't makin' no noise, man you need to pipe down
You need to quiet down
I copped a new watch, told my jeweler, "Flood it out"
Lil n***a, cut it out
That fakin' that you doin', I don't know what that's about
Unless you talkin' 'bout [?], keep my name out your mouth
I'm quarantined, yuh, twenty b*t*hes at the house
I pay the fees, get that check—

Lyrics from Snippet 2

The madness, I done came out the madness (yuh)
It happens, everyday some sh*t happens (hey, yeah)
Yeah, what's crackin'? Everyday, I'm gettin' the crack in (b*t*h)
I'm active, yeah, I get in, stayin' active
I'm stacked in the front, air is blowin' back, yeah
Louis luggage on the plane, with the baggage (yuh)
I'm travelin', I be all over the atlas
I'm always stayin' clean like a f**kin' napkin—