Lyrics : TopTier!

Dior make them hits!

I'm married to cash
They runnin' off with my swag
My b*t*h give me brain
Pull the Bando, I need a [?]
My shoota' a dyke, 'cuz she got the strap
They follow my footsteps, just like a map
Against his shell, just like a crab
I'm the sh*t, yeah, I'm the crap
I'm off a perc, it got me relaxed
Smokin' woods up in the back
They sleep on me just like a pass
They see me rock, just like a band
And I just popped a flag
At the top, but money don't change
And my teeth gold, just like a plaque

What you gon' do?
b*t*h make a decision
Run it up, b*t*h I don't do division
Stop it, Einstein, 'cuz I'm so [?]
Shoot at his hairline, with the precision
b*t*h bad, yeah, she is so pure
I want some shooters, and they top tier

Got some shooters, and they top tier
Baby, I got no fears
Take it out, take me out of here
I stay with a stick, I came with a [?]
Takin' that boy, that boy got a curse
She is my girl, my girls got curves
Run to the store, I bought her a purse

Maybe, maybe now you don't understand
Baby, what's the plan?
I gave you a chance (I gave you a chance)
You are in my [?}
Yeah, I'm smokin' that sack
I can't f**k with fakes
I'd rather love you instead