Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
Just copped the new louis shoes
(okay, okay)
It’s new to you
What the money do
I’m in love with you
Can’t lie to you
I gotta tell the truth like baby girl what you wanna do

(L is for the way you look at me)
[Verse, Summrs)
Heyuh heyuh
I just got you a new bag
Spend a band watch your mouth
Know that you gone pick up
Even when a n***a down
You was there when i was down bad
So ima make sure you strapped
Baby let’s not go home tonight
Baby let’s stay up late
You deserve to go to ______
You don’t deserve no cheap
Gas got me hardly breathing
Don’t want no other girl this season
That mean they quick to switch up
You’ve been there for the re-up
You can pass me my lean cup
You’ve been down since we linked up