Lyrics : $UICIDEBOY$ Discography

NOT YET FINISHED. DO NOT EDITProjects:2014:KILL YOUR$ELF Part I: The $uicide $aga↗
KILL YOUR$ELF Part II: The Black $uede $aga↗
KILL YOUR$ELF Part III: The Budd Dwyer $aga↗
KILL YOUR$ELF Part IV: The Trill Clinton $aga↗
KILL YOUR$ELF $agas: I - V↗
KILL YOUR$ELF Part V: The f**k b*t*he$, Get Death $aga↗
KILL YOUR$ELF Part VI: The T$unami $aga↗
KILL YOUR$ELF Part VII: The f**k God $aga↗2015:KILL YOUR$ELF Part VIII: The $eppuku $aga↗
KILL YOUR$ELF Part IX: The $oul$eek $aga↗
KILL YOUR$ELF $agas: VI - X↗
KILL YOUR$ELF Part X: The Re$urrection $aga↗
7th or St. Tammany↗
High Tide in the Snake’s Nest↗
Grey Sheep↗
I No Longer Fear the Razor Guarding My Heel↗
My Liver Will Handle What My Heart Can’t↗
I No Longer Fear the Razor Guarding My Heel (II)↗
Now the Moon’s Rising↗2016:Dark Side of the Clouds↗
Grey Sheep II↗
Radical $uicide↗
Eternal Grey↗
I No Longer Fear the Razor Guarding My Heel (III)↗2017:KILL YOUR$ELF Part XIII: The Atlanti$ $aga↗
KILL YOUR$ELF Part XIV: The Vulture $aga↗
KILL YOUR$ELF Part XI: The Kingdom Come $aga↗
KILL YOUR$ELF Part XV: The Coast of Ashe$ $aga↗
KILL YOUR$ELF Part XII: The Dark Glacier $aga↗
KILL YOUR$ELF Part XVI: The Faded $tains $aga↗
KILL YOUR$ELF Part XVIII: The Fall of Idols $aga↗
KILL YOUR$ELF Part XIX: The Deep End $aga↗
KILL YOUR$ELF Part XX: The Infinity $aga↗
KILL YOUR$ELF Part XVII: The $uburban $acrifice $aga↗
KILL YOUR$ELF Sagas: XVI - XX↗2018:I Want to Die in New Orleans↗2020:Stop Staring at the Shadows↗Singles:2013:$low Motion Potion: November 15th, 2013↗
$moke a $ack: November 25th, 2013↗2014:Kill Your$elf: May 20th, 2014↗
100 Blunt$: June 13th, 2014↗
Vietnam: June 25th, 2014↗
Maple $yrup: July 9th, 2014↗
Ma$k & da Glock: July 16th, 2014↗
Kill Your$elf (Leaned Out Remix): July 16th, 2014↗
Maple $yrup (DJ Poliwhirl Remix): July 16th, 2014↗
Friday the 13th: July 23rd, 2014↗
Ocean $ide $uicide: July 30th, 2014↗
Rotten $oul$: August 6th, 2014↗
$moked Out, Loced Out: August 18th, 2014↗
Soul ($UICIDEBOY$ feature): August 21st, 2014↗
Heavily Medicated: August 27th, 2014↗
Lettuce: August 27th, 2014↗
100 Blunt$ (DJ Phantazm Remix): August 27th, 2014↗
Lo-Fi (Kill ’Em All): September 10th, 2014↗
nm jc: September 17th, 2014↗
Prince Tulip: September 24th, 2014↗
Thieves: September 24th, 2014↗
Pe$o: September 24th, 2014↗
$leepy Hollow (Slopped & Chewed): September 24th, 2014↗
Cult II ($UICIDEBOY$ feature): October 5th, 2014↗
f**k a Hoe: October 8th, 2014↗
Deep Web: October 22nd, 2014↗
Aphrodite (The Aquatic Ape Theory): October 30th, 2014↗
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4: November 10th 2014↗
Purple Ranger [$ippin’ Donatello with Captain Ginyu Y2K Remix]: November 19th, 2014↗
$ilent Night: November 21st, 2014↗
Gold (’99-2000): November 27th, 2014↗
Trapathy: November 27th, 2014↗
$aturn $unrise: November 27th, 2014↗
$uicider: November 27th, 2014↗
VIVIVI: December 8th, 2014↗
$U$HI ($UICIDEBOY$ feature): December 11th, 2014↗
NOxygen: December 15th, 2014↗
$UICIDEWAVE ($UICIDEBOY$ feature): December 18th, 2014↗
Where’s Your God?: December 22nd, 2014↗
Grey Boy$: December 22nd, 2014↗
Crucify Me Wearing Tommy: December 22nd, 2014↗
Back from the Dead: December 22nd, 2014↗
333333 [RARE* ’96 BOOTLEG CA$$ETTE RIP TRE$ $EI$]: December 22nd, 2014↗