Lyrics : G-Narly

Know what I'm sayin'
N***a ain't felt like this in a minute
Sh*t, crazy, huh
But ayy (Hey)

It's a quarter to four, I got a show
Girl, is you comin'? Oh, just let me know
I gotta make sure you in the front row
I gotta make sure I tell all my hoes
That sh*t ain't a go, I know that's cold
I had to wake up and smell all the rose
In Pasadena, the gra** is greener
If you ever seen her, then n***a, you know
Lil' baby can walk down the runway, the runway, and still be America's next (Tyrone)
Lil' top model, and you make all them b*t*hes show some respect (Just like Tyrone)
Bad and bougie, the gla** Coogi
The bag is Louis, the a** is Gucci
This sh*t like a movie
I'm blowin' these bands like my name was Hootie
Like, "Girl, what you doin'?" You got me like
Damn, that girl my best friend, my boo, my shawty
Damn, that girl got a face that make a n***a wanna party
Damn, that girl be surfboarding, that sh*t so gnarly
Yeah, she so gnarly, my b*t*h so gnarly
Big Patek on my wrist but she ain't impressed (No)
Hundred on my neck, but she could care less
She don't give damn 'bout a jet, she don't give damn where I been
N***a better come correct, or you gonna get your a** checked
Ayy, like some Nikes, ayy, like I'm Kyrie
Ain't from Boston, but that Clover got me feelin' Iri'
That's my wifey, she's so gnarly
She's gnarly, my b*t*h so gnarly