Lyrics : Black Progress


Black progress
Down pressed for too long
Black progress
Now let's stand up strong
Black progress
Won't give up the fight
Black progress
For equal rights
Black progress
Love is what we need
Black progress
For humanity, uh
If you feel me, [?] understands ya

Ayy, I gotta get it, gots gots to get it
I heard white privilege got cops acquitted
As if somehow violent shots not deliberate
Second class citizenships not the business
The loss of a history, a language of religion
Didn't cause my story to glory God intended
We went from Juneteenth to the 13th amеndment
Fighting to get free when thе world they're against us
My mother's skin color was [?]
Black life, where people tryna see where their eyes close
My thoughts like a river running free in the Congo
Or James Bond and Nicky G in a convo
We in a stronghold, building of France [?]
Tryna take an acre or solid ground to stand on
They hate a liberated mind like [?]
But fear don't pump through this heart I put my hand on
We can't be compelled like trivial objects
That'll have us deviate from the plan that God crest
Let's stand arm-in-arm with the man who's heart's next
That's power to the people of land, time to invest