Lyrics : A Main

Let’s talk love, talk money and talk drugs
Let’s ah, come clean like hot water and suds
This is direct, no sneak shit, no subs
I don’t hold nothing against you never, no grudge
I’m just out for the cream, heavy on the fudge
Niggas trying to line me up on my name put a smudge
Down mentally shackled up by the cuffs
But ah, nuff of that shit we back on road
Straight up nigga you know these backs don’t fold
The Mac gone load if anybody Attack my soul
Braveheart stay sharp like tacks on board
I write like every letter in bold, sport got the drums to control your soul
Back in action backpacking thru the glitter and gold
The glorious name Stall God praise over fame
My story untold but the story still the same A main
It’s like a scripture delivered by Devine prophet
So over heads it’s like I live in a plane cockpit
But in plain sight I’m like brightest object
Maybe that’s just the Jewels around the neck
Keep it respect when you lounge around set
Blue collar the new dollar you can’t spend
So strong Rocky’s wife told you that you can’t win
Stand ten toes count bill folds
That’s the motto silveroado sitting on 24’s (Lord Knows)
Lord knows
I’ve been trending setting
Setting precedent
For years I’ve been killing rappers leaving evidence
Sloppy on purpose but never caught up
One of the best in the game but never brought up
Nothing was easy was all hard luck
Took some hard falls and some hard L’s but got up
All praise to the God up, above us
The mothers who hugged us
All the friends who love us
The fake ones that judged us
The evils won’t become us
Been giving good energy 10 summers
A boy wonder turned, intellectual man
Every genius I’m a speckle of them
To make one complete unique being
The brightest light thru the darkness you all