Lyrics : Unstable

Dak Got That Magic
Uh, uh, uh
Sleeze, uh
And I got that, what?

And I got that big pole, hanging out the car window (Skrr)
Come in with that big smoke, I ain't talking Marlboro (Boom)
Leave your chest with all [?] (Boom)
Bank account got all [?] (f**k outta here)
Talk about you [?] (Boom)
AR-15, n***a with the small arrows (Boom, boom, boom)
Shh, shh, pew pew (Boom)
Rick boots, deuce deuce (f**k outta here)
Skip through, who’s who? (Skrr)
Hit you, you too (Boom)
b*t*h who? [?] (f**k outta here)
sh*tsu, pitbulls (Splash)
Blue's Clues (Splash)
Cocaine in the truck (Skrr), the whole brain in the front (Boom)
No way I'ma chump (No no), close range with the pump (Boom)

Bi-bi-b*t*h it’s SOS LO, and we're getting right to you
Said I need some more money, told em' "b*t*h bring me mula" (Fa, fa)
Killed the pu**y, call me Chinese buffet
And your b*t*h got a smelly cat, Phoebe Buffay
Got real money on deck, told them b*t*hes I've been paid
Kick his sh*t all day, just like a sensei (Hi-ya)
Pointing at his chest, white shot, what bug spray?
Bench press, max up, John Wick, black tux
Window tinted Benz truck, big smoke, MAC tough
Two leave, no luck, pretty hoe, good suck (Yeah)
Talking tough, 'til we roll on em', leave em' toothless
If that boy want some smoke, what size them shoes is?
Clueless, blacked out, hollow extension
Anticipation on the SOS definition (b*t*h)