Lyrics : Big Dawg

(Oh, what? Ayy, yeah, yeah)
(Ayy, yeah, oh)

Ride wit' the .45
Yeah, that's a big Glock
I was fifteen with a six shot
2010, I was playin' with the big block
Sold more rocks than an app called TikTok
Nigga just sittin' in the trap, made her get out
Stayed in the dope stop, treat it like a pit stop
Yeah, I came up from a muhfuckin' have-not
Now a nigga goin' Super Saiyan, got me feelin' like Kakarot
Yeah, I'm on shine, check the glow
Call me a hoe, beat a nigga ass like Piccolo
Scooters on [?], that's a tenfold
Yeah, I send a bitch like a letter in an envelope
Yeah, I drip sauce, no, I don't do Zydeco
Lick down the [?], met him on Holly Grove
You the type of nigga, shoot a gun wit' your eyes closed
I just met a bitch and she told me she was born down in Cabo
Yeah, I'm takin' trips overseas, ayy
I'm [?], throwin' big B's
Only smoke gas, yeah, I'm big geeked
I can't fuck wit' the lil' nigga, he a sissy
Catch me an enemy, fry him until crispy
Whole clique chickens, I'ma call them a ten piece
Want me some soul food, stop by the Mickeys
I'm a big dog, full blood, you a mutt like a mixed breed, ooh

Know what I'm sayin'?
I'm a big dog, know what I'm sayin'?
Full blood, know what I'm sayin'?
You mutt ass nigga, call that nigga "Mixed breed"
Know what I'm sayin'?
Know what I'm sayin'?
Can't [?], ooh, hey, hey

Had to make a way, yeah, I had to get straight
Met a white bitch, talk like Ricki Lake
Move real millitant, know they can't infiltrate
I'ma take chops out, miss it with the KK
[?] me a fuck nigga, make 'em yell "Mayday"
Smokin' on bomboclaat, listening to reggae
See the bitches clear like a muhfuckin' Blu-ray
And I know the nigga too sweet like some muhfuckin' Koolaid
I'ma call the play and make a touchdown
Yeah, she a buss down, tell the nigga, "What now?"
You ain't get cash, lil' nigga, don't you come around
Catch me drippin' sauce even when I fly outta town
Tell my bitches gotta stick together like black and brown
Might hit the mall wit' the racks, I be cashin' out
Nigga make cash [?], I'm a catalogue
[?] been tryna put the game in a headlock
Bitch, I ain't get real intimate
Told her I'm a mack, she could stop actin' innocent
Caught me a lick, played his ass like an instrument
Do you like Ja Rule? Call me "Sosa 50 Cent"
Yeah, I gotta season, I ain't talkin' cinammon
Feelin' like Curtis Jackson when he made
I done seen dope fiends smoke outta soda cans
Told a bitch, she can hit the door if she don't like the program
What's that comin' out the speakers? Ether
Yeah, I got stripes like a zebra
I remember sellin' pies, I ain't talkin' bout [?]
Got a bad lil' diva, I'ma call her mamacita
Seen him out and he ran like a cheetah
Superhero like Spiderman but I'm not Peter
In a war with the racks, I'on like to swipe Visa's
In the trap wit' the heater, sellin' white, no Bieber, ayy (Ooh)

Know what I'm sayin'? Ooh
Know where I come from, know what I'm sayin'? Get it on
[?] know what I'm sayin'? My nigga got it (Ooh, ooh, ayy)