Lyrics : Do Nothing/b*tchslap (SR Audio Demo)

The system has failed, and you have failed with it
No time to care. Just time to say, "Who gives a sh*t?"
My mind boils as I've decided I'm through
f**k your position in life, I'm taking vengeance on you
Break down the walls of the political arena
Cast the vote on FN-FAL, yeah, we'll be seein' ya

Oh yeah
I want to put a cap right in your as*h**e
You step to this, you're gonna pass for
A lump of dog sh*t in the grass, now
Be on your way to get some class
b*t*hslap, b*t*hslap
b*t*hslap, b*t*hslap
b*t*hslap, b*t*hslap

Chop down the big-wigs
Shoot the telelvisions, too
My mind boils in life as I've decided I'm through
The guilty of crimes will be hung from the trees
Spit and punches arise from you and the me