Lyrics : I Can We Can*

Okay, I'm alone and it's okay
My energy's okay (Let's get it)
Who need, on me (Okay, okay)
Okay, yeah

I'm alone and it's okay (Okay)
My energy okay (Okay)
Your b*t*h look okay (Okay, okay)
Okay, like Frito, want Lay (Frito, want Lay)
And chips be on me (Chips be on me)
And I'm like okay (Okay)
Okay (Okay, okay)

Pullin' up in a two-door (Oh)
Think I'm in a coup, though (Oh)
Got rich, still eat ramen noodles (Okay)
Okay, still on the stoop though, like I'm Naruto (Okay, stoop)
Aim through the Judo
Pull down on culo
He'll be the the chuto (Who?)
f**k you, pay me (Yeah)
Hotter than a ray beam (Yeah)
Think I'm goin' crazy
b*t*h, I go brazy

No, no, no, no, no
Drop her like leaves in fall
Diamonds on me, fightin' this broad
No, no, no, no, no (Yeah)
I can, we can, live life like an
Tucan on an island, young man
Just like Sunman, stripes on my shirt
And when I'm with yo' b*t*h, we only doin' dirty dancin' (Aye, okay)

I know...