Lyrics : Hip Hop

Look, I ain't even got to rap sixteens
I'm only thirty-five but I act sixteen
Show me twenty rappers and I'll smack sixteen
And the other set of four won't do a damn thing
First I Skee-Lo takes all your money
Dummies, you're like track stars that run from me
Thoughts that come from me are aged and full grown
So my flow is sicker than AIDS that's full blown
I'm amphibian, I'm swimming in Evian
I gets like that when I'm deep in cerebrum
A helium a mixture of medium Hydro
I'm fresh like switching from stress to indo
Look out of my window-view of the west coast
With baby girl who fix eggs and French toast
Sex me after eggs & French toast
f**k what you heard I am the west coast
Get my props when on the east coast
Everybody knows I rock the beat most
I'm Skee-Lo I like the wheat toast

I bring it back on some DJ sh*t
For the sport I'm on some EA sh*t
n***as is lame so get out of my lane on some freeway sh*t
Give them bars like a bid with no Ebay sh*t
K-U double T to the A that's it
Fill up a compact disc with that ADAT spit
It's the kid I don't play that sh*t, so I can never lose
When I'm with some clever dudes, rock dropping hell of jewels
And running the tracks you can only give us better shoes
Ring the alarm or forever snooze
Record pool like the deep end, hope it open your mind
Let a n***a rhyme sink in, or maybe you should peak in
I see you ain't ready for this intelligence
Mixing it with some audio, bringing it back to the elements
That Hip Hop is fresher than a zip lock, n***a take a big hock
That bar is to the tip top, yeah
I say that bar is to the tip top, yeah, n***a
That bar is to the tip top
And it's that muthaf**kin' hip hop

I'm all dressed up, so you can buy my records when they all pressed up
You n***as in the game you got it all messed up
You want to hot-dog it but you can't catch up
To the invisible man, see if I can put this game into a physical plan
Ain't no-body more physical than, the enforcer
Long ways from "I Wish", we changed courses
TThis n***a go upside your head with Air Forces
Of course it's more hits and more tricks
n***as they ain't rappers they just trying to pay rent
For me, this is time well spent
Took a little time off, thought I was soft but I'm like Clark Kent
So now I got a plan for n***as, I can't stand you n***as
Get on the mic & superman you n***as and ain't NO Kryptonite for me
I got a right to be, the only muthaf**kin' name you see in lights
The only n***a getting paid is me tonight
Skee-Lo young Kutta is on the mic
So everybody in the crowd do what you like

Yea! The Real Hip Hop! We really love this sh*t man we really love doing this sh*t! This is feel good music. My name is Skee-Lo! I've been rhyming since '93; '83! The real Hip Hop!