Lyrics : Did You Getcho Check, Lil Brah?

Hide the money y'all! There's poor people 'round!
Witcha broke ass!

If you're just joining us, black people have gotten their reparations checks today and it's true
All hell has broken loose

Twelve hundred dollars, for the reparations, for all races
Nigga did you get it? The only ones that didn't were the dependents and then the immigrants
Ain't this some shit? Soon as you get check hit you spent it to get you a better piff, a different bitch, some retro Jordan kicks, and a Nintendo Switch
I couldn't wipe my ass 'cause this store is empty
I couldn't pay my gas, water, electric, mortgage or afford to get groceries
I couldn't leave my crib because they done told me "sit"
Then felt like a bitch, because I listened, and felt controlled by a myth
RFIDs, are in the vaccinations
Marks to the beast for all who inhabit nations, don't know where we lay