Lyrics : Quarantine (Freestyle)

I got hella bored on quarantine, so
I'ma spit a lil' sum

Yeah, I got hella fans who want me to drop
And a couple lames who pray that I flop
It's f**k what you say, I still reign on top
I always get laid, girls say that I'm hot
I feel on her cake, I stay in her box
She ask what I'm paid, I get paid a lot
I always spit game, my game is on lock
These rappers are fake and they can get bopped (uh)
I had a girl say I hit her for her mouth
I replied you only hit me for the clout (true)
The energy you give comes back around
So when it does, don't complain that sh*t isn't allowed (no)
I been quarantine my whole life now
Always indoors avoiding a crowd
This feels like my everyday life
So it's easy for me, but for you it's a mile (yeah, yeah)
f**k this, can't you tell I run sh*t?
Rappers love to talk 'tuff, but they never done sh*t
I stay jotting in lab, aka the dungeon
Droppin' heat, so you know I'm not the to f**k with
See to me, y’all are weak, nobody can touch this
I just sleep, with groupies, that I love to bust in
Who is he, who is me? The one they're in love with
Look I think you should leave, because I'm the gunman

I'm gunnin' everybody in sight (boom)
I'm a motherf**kin' savage on the mic
I'm a motherf**kin' savage with the pipe
I'm a motherf**kin' savage typea guy

It's money over b*t*hes, the quote of my life
I'm done catchin' feeling, I only catching flights
I won't buy you a gift, I'd rather buy a knife
And cut off all you b*t*hes, then go out tonight
I'm a sex addict, I always gotta have it
I'm not proud of it, but f**k it, I'm smashin'
I got a bad past, my wife gotta get passed it
I'm not her father but she call me daddy
I like my girls thick, ghetto and nasty
I didn't know I can get hoes from rappin'
I got Trojans when they try to get at me
I'm running through them all like a motherf**king athlete
Ugh, I think I need to chill (chill)
I think I need to chill (chill)
Ten million streams in a month
Spotify paying my bills (ey)
I entertain hella labels
Knowing that I won't sign a deal (no)
I listen to their game plan
Then take it for myself if I'ma be real
I'm chillin' walking around in flip flops
Watchin' people use my music all over TikTok
You can plot on me, but I won't get got
People thinking I'ma fail, I be like b*t*h, watch
Got girls on me like Sik's D bomb
He's friends with the guy teen mom
I'm not guy your girls can leach on
Yeah, they can call Sik God, I forever preach on, damn

Haha, ey-ey