Lyrics : This gift

I used to think
What wouldn’t I give
For a moment like this
A moment this gift 2x

I be doing things and they ask what I do that for
Chasing all my dreams, so tell me what I’d go back for
Looking for a quick exit from the back door
Never brush my hair and that’s what the hats for
If I met a genie I don’t know what I would ask for
If you give me money I would ask what’s all the cash for
If I met a honey you know exactly what I’d ask for
After all I’m a dude so I need a lot more
I be making music so I travel with adapters
Tell me I can do this, there’s a happily ever after
I be giving people possibilities of laughter
Hard to tell what I am doing in the next chapter
People tell me I will never make it as a rapper
Little do they know that is not what I’m after
I can probably see myself as a comedic actor
There’d be days I do not show up cuz my freaking back hurts
I don’t know what I’m doing but I know I’m after
One love, one girl, I hope I can have her
I hope I can find her before we hit the rapture
Cuz I need her by my side when we see disaster
I don’t think I’m moving so I gotta go faster
Hoping and I’m praying tryna serve a great master
How does god not think I’m a little b*st*rd
Gotta be careful, watch out for the hazard
When it comes to music I don’t know what I am saying
When it comes to music I didn’t know what I am making
Spent a lot of days when I’m thinking I’m debating
What I did today in the process of creating
I don’t know but it could possibly be a great thing
Yes that’s the beauty of waiting
Best believe when I’m on hold
I will probably say things
Nothing special just sitting here contemplating
I don’t wanna fail, thank god im not jail
No matter how bad it gets, I’m glad I’m not in hell
Focusing on music cuz I can do it well
Hopefully I can use it don’t know if you can tell
Not in school anymore don’t answer to the bell
Not a fool anymore doing pretty well
I don’t want to fall I don’t wanna take a L
Wanna stack the money up and gain the clientele
I used to think
What wouldn’t I give
For a moment like this
A moment this gift