Lyrics : I feel like bam margera

Yuh, hello?
Is anybody there?
Let's go
Shoutout, shoutout to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4
Tony Hawk's Underground, 1 and 2, yuh (Hit this fire ass combo)
Hey, that's pretty good

I feel like Bam Margera
Pull up in that red Ferrari (Uh huh)
I'm a god, nothing can stop me
But my tricks are f**king sloppy (Pew, pew, pew, pew)
I feel like Bam Margera (Blah)
Pull up in that red Ferrari (Bang, bang)
I'm a god, nothing can stop me (Blah, blah, blah, blah)

I feel like Bam Margera (Yuh)
Pull up in that red Ferrari (Uh huh)
I'm a god, nothing can stop me (blah, blah)
But my tricks are f**king sloppy (Yuh)
I feel like Bam Margera (Uh huh)
Pull up in that red Ferrari
I'm a god, nothing can stop me (What?)
But my tricks are f**king sloppy (Yuh)
I'm out here scouting the roof
While you b*t*hes consume
36 bodiеs, they drop in they tombs
Stricken yo city likе a f**king monsoon
They never understand, till it happens to you
I slay from the left to the right, and they fall
I stand up on [?] and watch till they [?]
Cry out in pain, and they weep and the bawl
I laugh in their faces, now I'm standing tall
The ghost in the city, I'm reaping these bodies
My scythe's in my right, and you staring behind me
I never act kindly to fools, just like you
That sh*t is the truth, don't come to my room
These visions, they surround me
All them faggots that still doubt me
Better shut they f**king chest
Before I slice they ass so proudly
Got a swisher full of that Deathstar weed
We don't need you, b*t*h you been discharged
Had a hundred slits on my wrist, b*t*h
Now we jumpin' in the wraith, go So-Ho, hoe
I feel like Yung Trunks (Uh huh)
Just finished busting on her butt (Wha Woo)
f**k with me, you will get cut (Damn)
'cause my patience all erupt, hoe (Nah)
And these f**kers still out here popping xans
Got a lot of problems on yo f**king hands
Keep throwing that shade, now its on-demand
God damn (yuh, yuh, yuh)
Triple six, triple six b*t*hes, they all over this sh*t
She breaking her wrist when she j*rking my d**k (For real)
I bust it real quick, get back to the lick, yuh
f**k what they told ya
Shinigami cracking skulls, with the f**k were ya doing
You took what they sold, b*t*h, I said hold up
You just a soldier, nah (wait)
You scared of my pistol, you running now
Oh, its the end of the line, b*t*h I'm coming out
Screaming because your time is running out
Don't give a f**k, cut ya throat

K-K-K-Keep up when they hate their [?]
Levitate now from the ground, now I am aerial
Think I just made it in time for your burial
Man, its a shame that nobody to carry ya (Yo)
I lay by the lake, servin' and putting in pain
To distract from the fact that I'm going insane
The world as we know it will end up in flames
As I back to move packs to take over our brains
Ronin comin' through with that 'zashi (With that 'zashi)
Death god creepin' through your window
With that silence (With that silence)
I'm the f**king overlord, you cannot stop me (Cannot stop me)
b*t*h, I'm more than just a mortal, Shinigami (Shinigami)
Satan on my left (Yuh)
God up on my right
I'll grab him by the neck then stuff my blade up in his eye
If you wanna f**king die, then come see me here tonight
I'll make sure the time is right while I slice your throat out with my scythe (Yuh)
Your blood's running black from the fear I'm evoking (Blit)
You said you were with it, b*t*h, why is you choking? (Blah)
I told you the deal, sign with blood, now I'm hoping
You didn't think that I was joking? no (Woo, woo)
The blood on my blade that reflect on the pain that I cause
Take them all, take the words to my brain
Look at this world, no, I can't be to blame
I'm sorry to say but we cannot be saved, b*t*h