Lyrics : When The Light Fades (outro)

And my dreams so vivid I can feel it all
Think you should know, that i'm in it for the long haul

I can see you in my eyes when the earth stops
Create expression with a pencil and a voice box

I got a plan with you
I've been running for the hills wanna grant the view

And it's been a long time, been thinking all the thoughts
Make the world blue, you're universe so far, but i'm about
Break through

(I can't love)

And i'm searching for the code
Gotta ask myself- Do I take this on the road?

Should I give you all the space I know you're longing for a home
Will you take it out of context with a change of tone
I don't gotta know

And it's heavy on my mind, will I stay strayed?
Keep it original, I really don't care what they have to say

And you let me down act like you care at all?
Same ones knocking on the door when the light fades

(when the light fades)