Lyrics : Your Life

Never judge a book by its cover
1 don one man one star

Crazy oh we solve life problems like physics
You move extra but you come back to basics
Ride in the lambo but we think of space ships
We bring goods and we show them new ratings

Okay make me tell you one thing you never know
Life is not about jewelery and designer clothes
Helping someone that you never know coulda ah
Change your life style

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See me say things how is supposed to be
Me come like the mono understand the planetery
Sometimes bitter byt me come like the honey bee
Mentally psycho but me still love human beings

Coulda ah see me clean inna me wallabees
Love girl man full of fantasies
But me still have a pain 
Inna me heart when me see a fried sellout 
We call them pharasis
Watch this pocket fully loaded
Inna we community we solving problems
Nothing inna return ah love we ah show dem

Big up the bus driver then the taxi driver dem
Big up the teachers, the nurses and the doctor dem
Careful ah politicians never follow dem
Keep your votes to yourself
Never use your thumb again .