Lyrics : PERFECT Freestyle

We're all in it, together
What are you afraid of?
Look mister, he gets paid and everything - don't he?
He's poor, this place is like an old lady's home

Point that finger at me
You're no f**king saint
Deep down, you're worthless
Your criticism has no means
Don't scratch at my surface

I've seen your scream and bend your knee
Don't act like you're perfect
Go, ugh
Boot up, boot up! Wait!

Yeah, I might just go insta my wardrobe and get a new fit
We living so savage we breathe and we get a new lick, aye
I'm dripping in energy, you n***as keep all the drip, aye
If I cut you off, it is what it is
I'm an insane don, been this way since I've know Akonne
Hooks won't take long
Drop man slumped on the pavement, move like Fei Long
I get busy when I take one, yeah
Now that I've won every race, yeah
Scarlxrd gon' f**k up the stage, yeah
All of my sh*t carries rage, yeah
Sound is way more than I weigh, yeah
Watch me keep up with the pace, yeah
I'm in my mind and I'm spaced, yeah
I spent the change and it changed, yeah
It's only the paper I chase, yeah
It's only in first that I place, yeah
The card in my sleeve is an ace

I've seen your scream and bend your knee
Don't act like you're perfect
Go (f**k)
b*t*h, ugh

What you talk 'bout legend 'pon legend 'pon legend 'zeen

What you talk 'bout hate com we have your view, unseen

I think my brain's insane
I think my brain's insane (Insane)

"What's wrong with you?"
"You seem so different. Are you different?"
"Nah. Same old Eddy"