Lyrics : Agony

My mama sad now
She misses me
Tell her I'm sorry
The mission's gone now

I gotta leave
So I'm sorry
Sorry, sorry

Tell my friends
I'm sorry I had to end it
I just got to fed up
With all of the depression

Mental health
Could be brought into question
Told them that I needed help
They told me not to stress it

Only feeling whole
When on antidepressants
But soon as I am off of them
I just want to end it

Seems that every corner I turn
There lurks an enemy
So I turn to drugs and weed
That's my only remedy

This is just a picture
That I painted with the blankest page
Didn't have a brush
So I used a bloody razor blade

I'm not gonna lie
I regret all that I've left behind
But I'd rather die speaking the truth
Than live a lie

So I'm setting out
To find a bullet to bite
And if you are hearing this
They didn't save me in time

But dry those tears
Don't you dare cry
Keep me in yo heart
Keep my legacy alive

I apologize
I ain't live up to the hype
Just know that I ain't sorry
This is my final goodbye

Just know that I ain't sorry
This is my final goodbye
This is my final goodbye
Goodbye goodbye, goodbye