Lyrics : Outside

Knew I was on jail time, yeah
I was locked up on the countdown, yeah
And now a n***a in, I'm out, yeah
You know I'm outside
Doin' this for my n***as who wouldn't make it outside

Lil' b*t*h, we outside, woo, woo, woo (Yeah, woah), woo, hmm
Like meet me outside (b*t*h, meet me outside), woo, mmh
Woo, woo, woo
Lil' ho, I'm outside, yeah (Lil' ho, I'm outside)
Okay? (Right now), okay? (Aw yeah)
Lil' b*t*h, we outside, woo (Lil' b*t*h, we outside)
Hmm, hmm, ayy

Like I ain't in the house, I'm on my block and on yours too
If I pull up, we gon' shot, gang gon' leave a n***a, he through
I bang red, but I keep blues, I move blues, make you see red
Put my gang 'nem on my jewels, my big homie 'nem in the feds

Know I'm still ridin' 'round with that tool, gotta keep one up in the head
Know I'm still on the road makin' moves, trappin' and scammin', tryna dodge the feds
Up off the Addys, I don't ever snooze
f**k it, I'll get some sleep when I'm dead
That n***a try, we put him on the news
Poppin' them blues, I be seein' red
I got some n***as locked up in the feds
I'd give up anything to have 'em here
Lil' n***a try me, put him on the news
Poppin' them blues, I be seein' red
Pull up with that chopper, I'ma let it loose
Let it hit like the drum and the snare
Still catch me outside with the goons
You know I'm outside, I ain't scared