Lyrics : Be Like Water

Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water

Boundless, yet when it's surrounded, it appears to be bounded
It takes the shape of that which bounded it
Then imprints it's old shape and before it evaporates and move on
Leaving a new landscape behind it
So we're reminded
Be like water, don't be bonded
Sometimes we gotta dig deep into our inner selves
Our own hurt to find it
Intercept the fist, Jeet-Kune-Do
Fluid movements, even flow
Even though, that it sounds like a lethal blow
We should know what it simply means to simplify
To re-simplify the best version of yourself
In light then, synthesize all days into one
We all one, under the same sun
So why you gotta fight against him and he gotta fight against Dun?
Be like water, water crosses over every border
From the mud of the Yangtze River to the sand beaches of Florida
My mental caught up
Turn my brain storm into a rain storm
You know if it's uninspired then, here's the new Wu-Tang song

(Be like water)
(Be like water)

"Hollywood begins to realize what it is he actually has to offer
There was more to Bruce Lee than they'd originally imagined
Bruce comes on to the screen, he ignites it
His very presence on screen is a protest

(Be like water)
(Be like water)

Adaptations to situations
Before evaporating back to vapor
Then return back through precipitation
Cascading and pervading, existing as a mist
The one-inch punch is being drawn from the formless
I use that same Chi style to perform this
To understand the fury inside of Bruce Lee's fist
Be like water (Water, water, water)

Be like water
Be like water
Be like water (Water, water, water)