Lyrics : goonies vs. E.T.

[Intro: El-P]
Baby, if I had another chance, I would give another chance to you
If I make another wish, I would wish for a wish for you (For you)
(One, two)

[Verse 1: El-P & Killer Mike]
Egad, you heard of these lads, it's a myth
How we made a grip, never rode dick
Truly the Cadillac of how to contract L's on the quick
Stick 'em up, slick talker, no tricks
It's the funniest shit, finally the money up
And print on the kid and the planet hit skids
Livin' in a valley of flames like, "I win"
Skyline ablaze in a Bob Ross pic
You don't want to acknowledge I'm raw, give a shit?
Never, nah, you can talk of me fond when I'm gone
Bad news bear on the lawn with big claws
Tryna hold our whole lives in its paws and applaud
Swear to goddamn the whole city odd
Make a romance hard, we got scars for hearts
Shit for odds, baby, living in a one-chance LARP
So I stick to the art, oh my God, I'm
Ultra Mag, put cash in bag
Running through dead zone, hope I don't crash
Tenor Saw, motherfuck, ring it up fast
Be alarmed, I'ma harm what I can and then dash
Fuck y'all got, another planet on stash?
Far from the fact of the flames of our trash?
That is not snow, it is ash, and you gotta know
The past got a wrath, it's a lover gone mad
But I promise (Promise)

[Chorus: El-P]
Baby, if I had another chance, I would give another chance to you
If I make another wish, I would wish for a wish for you (You)
But the brass on the magic lamp's damn near rubbed through (Through, through)
It's been wish after wish after wish after wish
And the chances are that none are comin' true

[Verse 2: Killer Mike & El-P]
(One, two)
Amazing, ain't it, how we made it and didn't fake it?
Life's a disguise, the truth is butt naked
Used to be a time I'd see it and not say it
Now I understand that woke folk be playin'
Ain't no revolution is televised and digitized
You've been hypnotized and Twitter-ized by silly guys
Cues to the evenin' news, make sure you ill-advised
Got you celebratin' the generators of genocide
Any good deed is pummeled, punished, and penalized
Rulers of the world will slice it up like a dinner pie
Race in a nation told you to identify
People take false pride and warfare incentivized
Fuck that, me and my tribe, we on an iller vibe
We accept the role of the villains 'cause we been villainized
Stomped to the dirt of the Earth, we still will arise
In the Terrordome, let me alone as I soliloquize
This is license to ill with a license to kill
This is nigga with an attitude in Beverly Hills
Heavy build with a pocket full of treasury bills
Got a fire high temper, find it hard to chill
I'm a lifetime member, fuck that fuck shit
Me and Jaime versus y'all with a knife and a musket
May our tombstones read, "They were nothing to fuck with"
Please say that shit again, Mike
"Wasn't nothing to fuck with" (What?)