Lyrics : XXL Freshman Freestyle: Rubi Rose

I'm like, stay the f**k from 'round me
Booked, I'm too busy to be f**kin' with that clownery
Body worker odd, they should put me in the gallery
Hundred on my wrist, I can pay these b*t*hes salary
Catch up, b*t*h, catch up
Look, Rubiana, that's a bad b*t*h
Red bottoms and Givenchy, left her cat print
In the Bentley doin' business while in traffic
Pay my driver six figures, so I can have no broke n***as
That's around me
b*t*h, I've been a boss, yeah, the biggest boss
Shout out Ricky Ross
If these b*t*hes tryna talk to me, hit the intercom
pu**y warm and sweet, taste like Cinnabon
While these broke dirty hoes tryna talk, b*t*h, you been a bum
From the dough like these b*t*hes know they should crown me
Yeah, I saw your chain from over here, that b*t*h look cloudy
Everytime I pull up to the club, they pay that bountie
Count it, then we out it
Pull up to your city and bring out the hoes
Please keep yo' distance if n***as is broke
I'm in my own lane, these b*t*hes too slow
Slide out in that 'Rari, I want all that smoke