Lyrics : Tip-Toe (KD Remix)

I make me a mill then I hop in the coupe
Young n***a talking but he will not shoot
I think I'm the sh*t I'm talking bout poop
With the stench of a skunk and the color of goop
Look at my neck man it's glossy and cool
sh*t drip like water turns land to a pool
Heat makes him start burning like he was smoking a juul
Kick his ass out like a teacher at school (Question?)
Who been making all the hits (Me)
Looking fresh with all the fits (KD)
Rocking sh*t like its a jit (Ya boy)
Kicking sh*t like Jaden Smith (You know)
I making a move then I'm counting up (racks)
I'm constantly working I'm making me (stacks)
My work ethics perfect flipping these (pack)
If a n***a is talking a bullet with take of his hat
I don't f**k with rats
I'm not here to chat
I'm here to get the new shoes
Here to spit you the truth
Here take chop a few dudes
Then take their girls to go screw
Not talking bout a remix
I swear I'm killing this remix
She lets a n***a come eat it
I gotta go get it
I flip it
I kill it
I'm in it
I'm in this for vengeance
'Cause these n***a tripping
I'm vivid with the image
I'm spitting and spilling all over this blank canvas
I make damage
I can't shake hands
I'm not yo friend
This ain't the end
You can't pretend
Like I'm not a king
And f**k a tip toe
b*t*h I'm stomping