Lyrics : Bury The Hatchet

Michael approaches Trevor, who's digging up the grave.

Michael:Hey, you're wasting your time.

Trevor:Is that why you flew out here? Huh? Tell me I'm wasting my time?

Trevor continues to break away the rubble and dirt.

Michael:Go ahead, dig it up. I don't give a sh*t.

Trevor:Yeah, it's what you look like, a guy who doesn't give a sh*t.

Michael:Ah, this is ridiculous.

Trevor:How long are you going to keep lying for, Mikey, huh? When's it going to stop? What happens in the dark, comes out in the light.

Michael:Give it a rest, Trevor. There's nothing there!

Trevor gives it one last swing with the axe, then picks up the spade, ready to break open the casket.

Trevor:This is it. Moment of truth.

Having broken open the casket, Trevor looks at the corpse with dismay. He throws the spade down, crouches down to the open hole and breaks away the dirt. Brad's face is revealed. Trevor struggles to contain his shock having predicted it. Shouting in rage, he stands up from the casket, glaring despairingly at Michael, who stands over the grave, not daring to look.

Trevor:As if I didn't know...Brad.
Michael:Look, we do what we got to do to survive. This thing, it didn't work out the way it was supposed to.

Trevor:Oh, and how was that, huh? With Brad in the can and me in the ground? Or...or...or-or both of us in the coffin?

Michael:Brad got shot. You saw it! He didn't make it. I got shot, I did. That's, that's it.

Trevor, having known the truth about what happens, jumps out of the grave and stands up to Michael.

Trevor:I think the only thing that didn't go as planned was me showing up on your doorstep ten years later. Mikey. I mourned you.

Michael:And I missed you, but I got a f**king family, Trevor. We were all gonna die. He did die.

Trevor and Michael quickly pull out pistols and point them at each other.

Trevor:You reptilian motherf**ker!

Michael:I didn't want it to come to this.

Trevor: Yes you did, you just don't have the f**king balls to do it, but I do.

Michael:I've got more to lose than you.

Trevor:Never a truer word has been spoken, brother. Now pull the f**king trigger. You ain't got the guts.

Michael:Take the f**king shot!
Wei Cheng's men emerge from tombstones behind Michael, pointing their weapons at the pair.

Trevor:Who is that?

Michael turns around, and Trevor sees the opportunity to fire, but the gun jams. He throws the gun at Michael and makes a break for it.

Trevor:*clink* f**k!


Michael swings back round and fires at Trevor, who's breaking open the cemetery's rear gate.

Wei Cheng's men:Trevor Philips, Mr. Cheng has requested a word.

Trevor escapes the cemetery, leaving Michael to defend himself from Mr. Cheng's men. He ducks behind a tombstone with his gun still drawn.

Michael:Hey, ho, ho, I'm not the guy you're looking for.

Wei Cheng's men:(speaking in Chinese) Hey, he's over here, he's over here. Get the boyfriend.

Michael:Boyfriend? Motherf**ker.

Michael fights off Mr. Cheng's men as he makes his way back to the car. Along the way, a Burrito full of Mr. Cheng's men enters the cemetery.

Michael:Who're your friends, T?
Wei Cheng's men:Stop the van - go find him!

Michael fights off more of Mr. Cheng's men.

Michael:You shoulda gone after the other guy! This is how many guys you send to kill Trevor Philips? Philips went that a way.

Wei Cheng's men:We know you are weak and feminine.

Michael reaches his car and attempts to start it to no avail.

Michael:Trevor... f**k!

Triad Member #1:(speaking in Chinese) sh*t, there he is!

Wei Cheng's men reach Michael's car and hold him at gunpoint.

Triad Member #1:(speaking in Chinese) Let me see your hands!

Triad Member #2:You got nowhere to go, boyfriend.

Michael:Alright, alright...

Triad Member #2:Get out the f**king car.