Lyrics : Oceans

Produced by Young Grixxly

Yeah Yeah

You might catch me flowin, you might catch me floating
I been in my zone, and my mind been open
Won't you vibe with me, wavy like the ocean
In my ride with old friends, and my rhymes make no sense ×2

Does it make sense?
I do not need your two cents
I just want to speak the good into existence wheres my Benz?
I could talk about a lot things
I know they hate but I just do my thing
Yeahh I just do my thing
I'm just a vanity boyy
You can't be mad at me boyy
Seen the the drip with my tunnel vision
Don't have it, but imma get it
Lemme tell you about my premonition
Started since I was a little adolescent
Now I'm on a track with the black moose
Mann to tell truth I couldn't see it different
I'm switching flows like a plumber
Know you wanna see me under
Bring the heat in the winter
I got steez he's my hitter
Bauer Larson if I need advise
Ultraveli got me trapping nice
So proud of my life decisions
But to bare them now is a hefty price

When I go, what I see?
Way too complicated
I don't know what it means
Maybe I should lay here
On the floor all I need
Time to myself, time to myself
Vibe with myself...

You might catch me flowin, you might catch me floating
How was that? (Laughs)