Lyrics : Spice Talk

(It's a Wayne beat)
That intro long as f**k, n***a
That motherf**ker ain't never droppin' in the world, is it?

B*t*h, I'm on forex
Hit him with an F&N like a short text
F**k a b*t*h all night, ain't no short sex
Chopper knock a n***a whole house off his porch steps

Shot dog so many times, put him in a vortex
Never without my gun, so why would I do raw sex?
That's only five hundred eighteen dollars, don't flaunt that
You shot a n***a, but ain't kill him, you can't count that

Phone ring, I made thirty sales, that was nine this morning
White boy came three hundred miles just to grab a quarter
Give me two or three months, I might cash a foreign
Plug said the price is real cheap if you pa** the border
Cam? to the hood and got his a** extorted
F**k a diff?rent b*t*h every night, this sh*t getting boring
Four of Tris in this double cup, that's a couple Jordans
You lyin', E, this ain't mouthwash, this a six of Mortons
E tired as hell, it's time to split a sale, he said sixty-forty
I'll drink a whole pint of Wock' and get higher than Rick and Morty
Me and E split a pint and poured 9 in it sixty-forty
Sold me one ounce of Act', I drunk it in quarters

F**k, Kidd talkin' 'bout his streams again
This batch bad, I done got into it with my fiend again
Think I'm finna try to OD off lean again
F**k around, the corner of the bed, got it leaning in
Hit him with the Narcan, he OD'ing again
I can't get high off the Percs, I'm on E's again
Take it back to when we sold dope and rocked Sprees again
I just bought a lil' six, now I need a ten
N***a, that's a whole pint, we gon' pour it up
Had to rerock the sale when I wrote him up
Spent a n***a whole advance up at Golden Sun
F**k around and run off with the work, I don't owe the plug

B*t*h cut me in with the stealers, I been acting dumb
Three thousand for the buffies, touch 'em and I'll f**k you up
I'm on papers, I'm not even supposed to be touchin' stuff
Shot a fan, boom, I thought he was runnin' up
Boom, we came out of nowhere, now we blowin' up
It goin' off, boom, scoot, shh, ahh
Damn, I can't say too much
Mad as hell, I found out my nephew stole my gun
The plug was acting stiff with the pints and so we stuck him up
Put my phone on do not disturb, it ain't rung in months

Don't nobody say sh*t to E, I just drunk his cup
Tryna distract him, I fired on Kidd when he brung it up
Hundred round drum and a beam, you gon' run or what?
Pretty face with a slim waist and a pumpkin b***
I don't even really need the gun, I'll lump him up
Who is that, lil' Mario? Yeah, that's Lumpy's son
Ca** always wakin' up tryna fight, that's my grumpy son
I know somebody dead in that car, I had monkey nuts
Just light the blunt and put the head on me with your funky b***
E dropped a letter, told him match a pint of Wock', he f**ked the puppy up

My first year rappin', I was broke, got the money up
You out of town with a name off of rap, run the money up
It's guaranteed that this winter, off of rap, I'm puttin' money up
She probably always gon' let you f**k, depends? ahh
She probably always gon' let you f**k once the money up
I told her, "Keep my d**k in your mouth with your lucky b***"
Gotta bust the watch down, huh, f**k the money up
The dope still damn near a ten, I ain't f**k it up