Lyrics : U Not

Yeah, It's Dunk
Tacos, Yeah

You not a shooter, you shootin' in the air
Why you shootin' in the air, boy you shootin' at god
I'm independent, til I had a daughter
There's two of us, now she make me go hard
I need the money, I'm gettin' to the money
So f**k how they feelin', yea you and your boys
I know some b*t*hes, that [?] robbin
Suck on your d**k til your sh*t get hard
I remember I was just on the yard
Tryna f**k around and f**k me a [?]
I remember I was just goin' hard
Breakin' in houses, and breakin' in cars
Sellin' reefer just so I wouldn't starve
to the police, they lock me up hard
I was in the cell, I ain't had no canteen
Mama ain't answer the phone, it's just ring ring
I can not f**k with that b*t*h, she a lame lame
You got a problem with us, you get bang bang
one of my n***as is gang gang
Keep it on the low, whisper, yin yang
I'm in your ho, pretty lil' thing thing
Zip down my zipper and pull out my thing thing
When I f**k her I don't take off my bling bling b*t*h (yeah)
These n***as soft, granite, [?]
choppa in the back go retarded
We goin' fed with the sawed-off shotty
Pistol in Steph' hand, he goin' retarded
And lil trunk came home off a body
I told my n***as to chill
We bout to blow, trust me just gotta stay [?]
Pa** me the rock, no motherf**kin' [?]
I [?] chop at your motherf**kin' party
Granny a blank, kool-aid on her carpet
These n***as wack, trash, garbage
He got a gun, probably run with that fire
look a real n***a in his eye
Rest in peace, Nipsey, he was a real guy
I can not f**k with you n***as, small fry
B*t*h, it's Dunk n***a you know what the f**k goin' on n***a
Eastside Charlotte n***a, westside of Charlotte n***a
Southside of Charlotte n***a, northside of Charlotte n***a
You know what the f**k goin' on n***a, Charlotte n***a (pu**y)
That's what the f**k it is n***a, only n***a in the city with one dread too b*t*h