Lyrics : Tycoon

I’m a legend in my own state
Real G’s here omo no snakes
Those guys there man we dont rate
But they leave us in our lane
So its ok
Still trying to Locate
Any rapper thinking they can throw shade
When its war men
We dont shake
Show dem
Quick to show face
Full speed omo no breaks
Head top
Omo no trace
They say Deziani chop the whole cake
Another 4 years she go show face
Independent/ run my own race
I’m not a tеnant men
I Own space
Fake smilеs never hold weight
Fake yansh doesnt rotate
I been dey bring vibes for a minute/ But
2020 kept us inside for a minute
Wallahi I was surprised by the gimmicks
When I saw rappers put aside their pride for a minute
I told ghost in a minute
When these these guys start to twerk
That’s the day that I’m finished
Came in and I leave with the winners
Reminisce/ show dem/ your now rocking with the realest
Big Tycoon (x4)
On the streets man are big tycoon
Big tycoon

Reminisce Oja! (SDC) ok!
Won leyin rappers gbondi bi Cardi
Won le n twerk lori IG
Oja D stand proper na mi Khakis
Arizona dakun joor ba mi mu car keys (koko re yen da?)
I’m about to pull up on these f**kers
Straight 16’s old-school go bunkers
Mo tun ma ngba break, bi eni to lo tamba
King of boys, LR-sport, ma tun Lamba
Now you know what my money look like
Awon ti o ba da mo, wani what it did it look like?
Do Balabala, you will run Kabakaba
To ri awon temi kana gan won ma se e yanma yanma
Ma wo awon spare ton fe bami ta bi Novice
Mo ti pe bi ile galilee, how come you ain’t know this?
Never align, mo man da wa to ba notice
Ko wonran wonran kuro jare, ko shi

Big Tycoon (x4)
Orisa, agba ika
Hurricane la wa big tycoon
New government ba se Wole be like coup
Won komije like food
Anybody wey try might ku
Top is lonely why I bring my crew
I’m the one that they chose n***a clearly
Pull up with a tec and a ghost so they fear me
Only God wey near me many pops dey hear me
b*t*hes wan dey share me ologo to l’emi
They no fit be competition
When na my verses dem they study for revision
Won so mi di television
Them they watch but no fit touch and they could never see the vision
See the movement them they shock cause them dey Lago the prediction
For Naija nobody smiling afi advert Colgate
Sojo wey suppose defend us lo pa wa ni toll gate
Popo wey say they be friends they jealous once we show face
Used to have a lot of friends but n***a gone are those days
Omo Iko I dey change pies (big tycoon)
My shawarma and the dildo na the same size (big tycoon)
It ain’t nice
Same design no be the same price
Your own na Zara mine is Gucci and my chains iced
We change lives
Duppy manz known to vex guys
Cuz I tell OG’s you gotta earn respect
And new cats make sure the bars match ya chest size
Then blow my own horn
With revelations of rhymes so fuego
You would have thought it was end times
Truss my pen games rapture
Ghost on the track might as well put fork in it
It’s a wrap bruh
So many gems got this b*t*h feeling Antwerp
But Las-Gidi, Naija is the ends
Wahala for who no get bah that’s the levs
Crabs in a bucket
Bags in the Benz
A demographic doing more damage than Tems
Heard Bees don’t waste time telling flies
That honeys better than sh*t
That’s how they been designed
Time we separate the real from the odu’s
Cuz magas dont morph into moguls
Truss me…

Big Tycoon (x4)