Lyrics : Bright Sunny Morning

On a bright sunny morning
In downtown New York
People are rushing to get to their work
Unaware as the events of the day unfold
Gonna haunt them for the rest of their lives
For high overhead there's a mighty explosion
A fireball on the ninetieth floor
For like a cruise guided missile Flight 11 has flown
Straight into the World Trade Centre tower
Everybody stands there in disbelief

Out from nowhere arrives Flight 175
And he looks like he's gonna travel on his way
Then he banks and turns, does a kamikaze dive
Into the heart of the twin sister tower
Now that look of disbelief has turned to horror and grief
Some are on their knees praying for the dead
With both towers ablaze the world watches on TV
It's all there for the whole world to see
Yeah, took twenty minutes to change history

Like a gambler who throws in a bad hand at cards
The twin towers they give in to their fate
They fall one by one, floor by floor
Sounds like stampeding buffalo
All over Manhattan a dust cloud settles
That blocks out the sky and the sun
From Brooklyn to Peking the world holds its breath
The day the World Trade Centre fell
Yeah, on the day the World Trade Centre fell

Who could believe what has happened today
In this land of the brave and the free
Who could have torn out the heart of our city
Our proud symbol of sweet liberty
Now the government says it knows who to blame
And it won't stop till it cuts them down
But that won't bring back three thousand people who died
On the day the World Trade Centre fell
Oh, on the day the World Trade Centre fell