Lyrics : Kenzy ur sandwiches suck (kuss)

Kie: hey it s kie and eth theres no need to introduce us
We got this in the bag even when ur phone lags...hey mamas was ur bae but now he went away. try to find a new one but there was no way

Bsf:it s ezay e back at it again
(play the damn daniel vine )

Kenzy ur sandwiches suck...
It taste like yuck(throw up noises)

First u lost hey mamas now it’s footsie boy...that’s a all time low it was quite a show

U tried to get my bsf on ur track
Girl cmon u know she has my back?

Beeeep stay away from me u stank like mayo and cheese ..girl wash ur clothes and don’t forgеt to bleach

Kie: this is me rеleasing my anger i can’t help it it’s a danger mostly you and my grandma dying i’m sad and always crying

Kie and eth:they say you can’t fix stupid and their right.. we put up a fight ...u just got destroyed say goodbye ur unemployed