Lyrics : RO TALK

Pure will in every moment, baby. That's all I can recommend. It's funny, it be?the?instinct to protect?make you strike first. In a?surveillance state, everyone is a performer, those that push to be influencers, less rigid artist types that garner followings. You know what I'm talking about? Creatives. Those people, they don't do nothin'. And that's cool, but when surveillance is weaponized, it can project limits on human interaction, or at least, that's how I see it. So, I advise pure will in every moment, beloved. (What that mean?) Pure will in every moment. There are no good ideas. (Oh, word?) Pure will in every moment, beloved. (But, what that mean?)

That n***a rhyme book look like a Mondrian
Bless up to Piff James and Hommy Hom
And the people lurkin' in Soulfolks for the ambiance
While I spin this Caldera
Rock a coif like Greg Porter
I get the extra order, I go the extra inning
You know I get extra wit' it
All type of multi-syllabics in need of extra whippin'
Ruby Yacht fabric, you know I'm extra fitted
Ambiguity defeat the pattern recognition
Asking "who are you?" to me as in a absolutist question
If I had to answer that, I'd rather skip the whole confession
Sound right reasoning, orange the song seasoning
Tight mouthfeel, hype soul sold for ma** appeal
And the need hold itself like Rollo
Big fingers, pluck pizzicato
And this be about victory, and this be about triumph

(Potlikker Enterprises, Bookoo Bread Company, Solid Gumbo Works
In conjunction with your local exo-duster
A dojo of cultural shinobi)
In Tim Hortons, dressed like a transformer
Talking 'bout Jacob Lawrence portraits
Whole lifetime go by as an active tourist
Disaster insurance is a sound investment
Pounds, daps, and blessings
Ain't as clean as he used to be
Whole bunch of meanness in my used to be
Alpha cromagnate, hopes stagnate
Boast through the back aches and of the stomach ulcers, foreclosures
Meditate on nothingness, sequence keystroke to delete question
Does the sun rise? Repeat, replace, and posit
Adopt the logic of Duck Rogers, remain adamant, remain adamant
My ancestors had they hands on it, Venetian peak
Read it in Tahitian Treat like a cool breeze
How Elohim speak until it isn't
The plot, no pot, thickens as the Gestapo stop me on the way home
Pawning writtens as freestyles
Levy finds and update files with utter convenience
Now I turn to the audience and mutter, "all authority is deviance"
Malaclypse the Younger said it best
I keep that hunger in my chest, I keep that Yoda in the vest
But since I'm poor, I don't rap like that
I desperately need to be understood
I desperately need understanding
Ain't as clean as he used to be
Whole bunch of meanness in my used to be
Sight is useful, but not necessary
Sight is useful, but not necessary
Sight is useful, but not necessary

Nimzo-Indian, gizmo images, a Gitmo citizen
Bitcoin dividends, zip-line fetishes
Science and its lettuces
Lattices at ease, I scoff at my need
Life brings me to my knees
You repeat as you please
I repeat as I please
The list of lovers whom you held hands with
Blumenfeld gambit, the automaton stammered
The gearshift's standard, but reads like a manual
Ride like a sweet chariot at the family annual
Over here it's, f**k a stereotype-a
Bury those type, you know we bury those, right?
You could never catch the left, only lookin' for the right
Sh*t, it's simple mathematics
Dark square bishop, the GM hiccups
Ja'Net DuBois couch surfin' like the man from Galilee
Do drop in, do drop in, do drop in
(What's today's mathematics?)
(What is today's mathematics? Today's mathematics is gettin' that money. That's today's mathematics, to get that money so you can take care of your babies, you know what I'm sayin?)