Yeah, yeah
They hate how I spit it with nonchalance
I take two knights with a pawn,?en?pa**ant
My regards to?all of y'all
Make a n***a flaunt?his stripes like Barbasol
Hard to call, it sound like rapping
This the art of falling, down
Covering ground as well
Violence is the groove, pan-frying breadfruit
He said silence is the move and we got noisy
Your favorite rapper soundtrack the daily stockholming
There go that plot roaming
Rates apply, epicanthic eye fold, accept the charges
Brace for life's barrages, cohens, and eavesdroppers
Plea coppers and bargain hunters
Marginalia conductor, alien other
Outside in the outside, her mouth wider
Need more air to stoke this great fire
Slow farming my necessities, ancient recipes
Move with ease and grace
What's modern is plagued with hesitancy
Lag interruptions, you need time to process instruction
It's true, uh-huh
And you know the self is defined by the struggling
It's true
You know the self is defined by the struggling
Found pain in the, found the
Found the pain quite, quite, quite humbling
You know the self is defined by the struggling
Dare to peek through the viewfinder
Up close with a rude reminder
Deuteronomy in E minor
Shuffling chicken bones
Searchin' for hidden tones and meanings
N***as was triangulatin' the feelin'
Hidden motives turn to rigor mortis
With rigid hortense, vivid reminders of why I don't like surprises
Behind the curtain like Polonius
Screams of pain and they hittin' most melodius
Tell yourself that ain't odious, ock, it's only obvious
It's bogus whoadie, I'm Bodie Broadus singin' spo-dee-o-dee
With the loaded pop, and that's a metaphor, really
You know the vagabond drifty, troubadour shifty
Like the two things shifted, perspective be infinite
Perpetually lifted, the most high gifts abundant
Soulfolks glow illustrious
You move too slow to f**k wit' us
Feelin' lucid in the foreign model
Two scoops in my affogato
It's neohoodoo's most loyal apostle, Pete
Non-cipher, you a nonplussed biter
Non-cipher, you a nonplussed biter