Lyrics : ​no word for wack

Why my brain so heavy?
Why you hate so steady?
Why they pay Slow Reggie?
Why that gatefold?empty?
I'm?just wonderin' (Just?wonderin')
Who the marks and who the?sharks is?
Who the shooter and who the target?
Who the ruler of the market?
Who keep the balance and make deposits?
I'm just, I'm just wonderin', I'm just wonderin'
How you faced yourself today? how you, how you
Been placating that rage? how you, how you
Been staying entertained? how you, how you
Plan to feed yourself today? I'm just wonderin'
If your mind was truly focused, if your grind was really honed in
If your baby mama noticed, I'm just wonderin'
If you made plans to keep it goin', I'm just wonderin'
It was that purpose that you had, where that, where that?
Gucci purse you said you had, where them, where them?
Folk you said you know, where them, where them?
Places you don't go, I'm just wonderin'
I'm just, I'm just, I'm just wonderin'
And it drip, and it drip, and it drip

And it drip drip drip drip drip on my planet
No we don't have no word for black
We don't have a word for wack
There's no need for that in fact on my planet
We all make contact, eyes and hands and backs
Feed each other snacks and never forgot how to relax
On my planet we all just be chillin'
Ain't nobody worried about stealin' or killin'
Corporate dealings or bills piled to the ceilin'
On my planet, time is an old friend, here to
Place you in the beginning and replace you in the end
On my planet
We told all colonists to can it
Never learned Spanish or Portuguese or even transatlantic
On my planet, we keep all of our things so precious
Open up our minds to psychic nexus
And investigate mysteries that perplex us
We think in fifths and feel in thirds
Fly with words and cry tears of joy when we accomplish all the absurd
Listen to the wind, let it touch us when we need it
Our curiosity is a daemon, please don't ever forget to feed it
On my planet
Walk up in the buildin' like I'm sposed to be here
Speak up homie, you supposed to be clear
If you a phony well you need to beware
'Cause we head loppin' and bread gobblin' up most what you see here
I hear and see many things, my currency is anything that do the dance
I'm a doodle bob smokin' Hoobastank
Yeah, who would think
In Three Days Grace, I'd be retelling the Story of the Year to your face
Ok, newsprint don't say that, yet still we do our thing
Blueprint is Payback so, Get Out The Way
The armature's the same thing as the arm, but inanimate
The amateur's the same thing as the author, but elaborate
If I don't break it down, I'm a candidate for your scrutiny
And I manage to manage it usefully

Uh, I'm noticing a difference between two images of the same origin
Big red circle on my thumbnail again
While I mumble to get all the drunks here in check
I'm highlighting, my eyes widening yet again
I just pretend, I recommend ripping out a bitter tooth
The path's lit, if you think it too quick
Nourish the hole into a home spot
It's sort of nippy, but of course the treasure trove's hot