Lyrics : Export the conundrum

Hello my sunfish, my little lily pad
Hello my star rider
Mother moon, gone too soon

Rap far?out?my circle, surface?merchants speak in cycles
Like the Bible?says, my idols drive my idleness
When rivals bled among us
We held their hands
From falling in the pooling mirth
Disperse my love between human and earth
Watch the sun's descent
I un-depend on people so to keep my friends
Underpinning selfishness, I acquiesce to feelings, needing love from one soul kneeling -- needing love
I'm feeding grapes, feeling whole again
I'm being fed, feeling soul again
And it takes...
An unseen force divorced from my shell
The source --the void of my practical self
The porous cells, spelled in a moorish braille
Horse heads biting their horse tails
Frail in the pale dusk, of stale lust impaled
The seraphs railed against the rise, and fell
Iron bell, iron body ringing, umami singing
Taste the face encased in foreign lace draped
Just to puzzle oneself
I parquet, pardon myself from the table but my settings stay
In a dark dream I realize myself at night
For we are the prey that we seek in the dark
Dancing, have you ever been
Dancing, in the light of it all, it brings
This dystopian world
Dancing, in the heat of the world, windows
In the smallness of all it grows
Have you ever been small?
This dystopian fall
This dystopian all, window
Where I hold it from all we know