Lyrics : DECORUM

Fence building nihilists, good evening
This is the late sleeping utopian speaking
Brother of the wind and?the?wisdom body
Him who?has the filthy fits, Black Orpheus
High?yellow, the sly rebel indeed
It is the corduroy coon prince of the moon boot fit
Mr. lime rickey tickin' off beat, parsel-tongue like feet, no lorry
Green horses run like Porsche Carrera
Of course it's Rory Allen Phillip Ferreira
None other than, the ignoble peon poet from nowhere
Joined by my family in funkonomics, the high vibrational ministers
The Jefferson Park Boys
That's Mr. Kenny Segal, void peeker
Renowned in wide reaching concentric eccentric circles
For dropping desks rhythmically and grilling pineapples
Mr. Mike Parvizi of the golden thumb
Plucking poetics from the air as he struts down ba** lines with nimble awareness
A crossing guard smoking on the job
And Mr. Aaron Carmack, head on a swivel
Profane keeper of the bop, master of sonic delights
Transistor and transmutator, exuding elegance like freedom
Good evening, thank you for joining us
This transmission is addressed to the fence building nihilists
Your soul writes, "come home"
Abandon them outdated strategies, namely hatred
Exile is no place for a person, or your compa**ion
Come home
Good evening
Good evening