Lyrics : Big Business

Yeah, one time we got to go to Lenny Kravitz's house it's a long story?but?basically my mom?was friends with his mom from?howard and .. my wife's mom .. went to high school with his mom anyway, that didn't matter. What matters is .. this brother had all of James Brown's boots in that house. He had .. The Rumble in the Jungle keep In the house. He had .. Jimi Hendrix's full outfit from .. 'Are You Experienced?'. All of this beautifully framed and preserved. He had .. in a little napkin written: "It was twenty years ago today Sgt. Pepper told the band to play." And on all the walls.. there were gold records everywhere and none of them were his! And that's when I realized - Even though I haven't always rated his music because I thought it was derivative, I was wrong; He was just a fan.. just an una****erated loving, full-embracing, jumping out the plane type of fan...

That's what it takes

Chew on this slow like you brush your tooth on root
F**k oils, I use earth so I smell like truth
My funk nineteenth century
One or two proof
My adidas got holes, kid's nikes brand new
We home owners, so I roll full belly
France mad lonely but my troops keep me steady
Na, not my crew, me n my homies are cool
I mean my ten thousand tiny plastic army dudes
One day they will come alive and wage war on you
Until then I poke you in the eye and run far from you
I don't battle and masturbate on the internet
If you do both I guess you're mult**alented
Good for you and take the flattery probably
Make you tickilish I run that thought too many
To ever be oversensitive
I might be self-effacing but I never been tentative
Your girl like what she see?
Look now she in the hole with me
Hopelessly in love and hopefully regrettably
She'll crawl out eventually
In truth they never really leave
She'll go back to you probably
Spend her days in apology
On the death bed, finally, surrounded by her family
Her children and her offspring
All'yall hold hands lovingly
She smile and tell you pretty things..
But in the five minutes before she dies
She close her eyes and think of somebody..
Pa**ionately ravaging her being and her body
That nobody is me
Chew on this root

That too negative?
I don't wanna be too negative - bad times out here