Lyrics : 2

"I have locked and barred the door
There is danger in the devil's hall"

This piano is played underwater by a slave ship's suicide jumper with 8 fingers
And no he didn't take a selfie
I'm squatting at the final frontier of gentrification
To the east
Sound bath meditation in a form of vacant
Breaking bread, ribs, and hundred dollar bills
Bank tried to scoop a thread
Went in my past without a will
Found her face down
Blood pool, air thick and sickly
Frigid December morning, please come quickly
Black's is (?) fast on taxes
No flags, no guards, no masters
I don't have to do a thing but stay black and die
That's what my mother say
Flow gon' run away
Arcade on the deuce, Winter '81 over proof sound
I don't feel my age
Day's spill into the next
And the churches keep burning
And the churches keep burning
There's work and that's just where I come from
It's not that something's up, but something's up!
Back in our minds again
Tell me what's happening
This is not a revelation
These are not revelations
Wages ascend, don't get taxed
And for us, even suspicion might not earn a trial
Ridin' on an island, wildin'
Livin' off young lions with crooked guards and lightning
I guess we'd rather take our own life tonight
"The Antique Black belongs to me"
"The Antique Black belongs to me"
"I plan to present them to my friends"
"The brother of a greater universe"

Don't talk to me about black on black crime
Unless you addressing the condition that we tend to live in the mind
Behind its design, the intention
Sickness and its symptoms
Symbols is bug
I blow (?) zone
Narco Jesus of the indigo telephone
What'd ya' do when you low (low)
What'd ya' do when you low (low)
What'd ya' do when you low (low)
The flesh is weak
Yellow cones and caution tape
My breast tissue absorbs cop bullets at close range
Laugh in pain
Whole hood felt wrath of Kane
Megablast '88
Shake the block, say your name, say your name
Gotta engage with a rock
Shave off the top, flick
Like when your man get a drop
Triple flame emoji, too hot, too hot
Prison to parole and your back on block
The recidivist vision concrete ceiling
Rage to express the most unsettling feelings behind the wall
They used to hang you and cut the balls
My baby ma tripping won't visit at all
Talk is cheap
Faith is strong but desperate
Holdin' on
This beat so god damn (?)
All night prep, can't stop me
Death is only a dream
Black, gold
Pipeline keep pumping
These cuffs will keep you afloat